We are located at 998 Flatbush Ave.
in Brooklyn, NY

We work with GrubHub and Uber Eats for fast delivery in the Brooklyn area.

Now shipping delicious food and
baked goods right to your doorstep!

CALL US: (718)469-9049

Chicken Curry

Mildly spiced curry, simmered with boneless chicken and potatoes.

Roti Wrap

Flaky flatbread served wrapped with your choice of curry.

Jamaican Beef Patty

Golden patty filled with seasoned ground beef.

Jerk Chicken

Boneless chicken, marinated in Jamaican jerk spices.

Plait Bread

Freshly baked braided bread.

Pineapple Tart

Flaky crusted pastry with savory pineapple filling simmered to perfection.

Cheese Roll

Flaky oven pastry with a mildly spiced cheddar cheese filling.

Tennis Roll

Freshly baked bread with a splash of lemon.

“…The real show stoppers were all the pastries. The cassava was even better than Filipino cassava cake (sorry mom).”

– Katrina A.

“Affordable, clean, simple, and executed well. Perfect spot to grab and go, or to stay for a quick bite…”

– Audrey L.

“The meat in all of the dishes are cooked to a delicious tenderness. The portions are huge, and definitely sharable if you want to indulge in a baked good as well…” 

– Liz T.

“Food is fresh and delicious. You’ll want to lick your fingers!”

– C.C.